Orthogen, LLC

Orthogen LLC Is Authorized Distributor of Calcium Sulfate Based Bone Regeneration Materials


Springfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2014 -- With a patent on their technologically advanced products, and serving as a leader in their industry for supplying dental professionals with high quality appliances, Orthogen LLC is pleased to announce they are an authorized distributor of calcium sulfate based bone regeneration materials. With a wide range of uses for clinical indications, the materials from Orthogen LLC apply nanotechnology to provide innovative solutions and more successful dental procedures.

Their dental bone graft material consists of the NanoGen and the DentoGen. Both of these products are indicated for use as a stand-alone bone graft, together in combination with other bone graft materials, or as a barrier membrane. For bone defects in the mouth, Orthogen LLC has distributed these products to all dental professionals who need a reliable solution for effective bone regeneration after surgeries. Uses include post-extraction after oral surgeries, in periodontics as infra-osseous defects, in endodontics for root perforations, dental implants to lift sinuses and fill the sockets. The products are non-toxic, biodegradable and simple to use for medical professionals, all at a reasonable price.

Additionally, dental professionals can take advantage of new pricing models for the dental bone products during the entire 2014 calendar year. With the escalating prices of surgical appliances for dental procedures, buying products from Orthogen LLC in bulk will lead to savings. Created through tremendous research to assist dental surgeons with their procedures, the NanoGen and DentoGen are clinically proven to completely replace defects with regenerated vital bone. Savings kick in when purchasing three or more boxes of the products. To hear more about their services, or to inquire on pricing, please contact the company today.

About Orthogen LLC
Originally a division of BioLok International, which is now merged with BioHorizons, Orthogen LLC was established in 2007 to develop and market next generation bone-grafting products for orthopedic and dental applications. Dr. Sachin Mamidwar serves as CEO of the company whereas Dr. Harold Alexander, previously Director of Orthopedic research at Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York serves as a Chairman of the Board. Orthogen offers various products including DentoGen®, NanoGen, collagen membranes, related instruments and sutures for dental applications. To inquire about the company’s products and technologies, please call 1-877-336-8643.

For more information, please visit http://www.orthogencorp.com/.