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Orthogen, LLC Product, NanoGen, Helps Encourage Bone Formation, Can Stabilize Implants and Increase Bone Volume


Springfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2015 -- When a patient's tooth has undergone severe damage, replacing or stabilizing the tooth requires good quality bone structure in order for any support system or implant to take. Patients with poor bone volume are unlikely to see the same results as those without this issue. With Orthogen, LLC's trademark product, NanoGen, however, periodontal professionals can perform tooth repair and replacement even on patients with these bone volume problems, because NanoGen's unique nanotechnology has been shown to encourage bone formation.

According to an article published by Dental Products Report, tooth sockets that are grafted show up to 30% more bone growth than those that are not, which can be crucial in the healing process. This makes bone grafting an essential aspect of periodontal surgery. Older dental bone grafting materials used to replace lost tissue, but Orthogen, LLC's nanotechnology-based NanoGen actually stimulates new bone formation from existing tissue. NanoGen is applied after being mixed with saline (included in every kit) to form a putty, which degrades over 3-4 months after placement. This advanced dental bone graft material also leaves behind calcium phosphate, which has also been shown to stimulate new bone tissue formation.

NanoGen patient kits are available online from Orthogen, LLC, and come with two kits in each box. Each kit contains one gram of NanoGen and 5ml of regular set solution. Orthogen, LLC also sells a variety of periodontal supplies, including its DentoGen bone graft product and an assortment of instruments, sutures and membrane and wound dressings, in order for medical professionals to be able to find all their surgical supplies in one convenient location.

For more information on the products offered by Orthogen, LLC, or to buy bone graft for dental implants, including NanoGen nanotechnology bone graft solution, visit http://www.orthogencorp.com or call 973-467-2404.

About Orthogen, LLC
Originally a division of BioLok International, which is now merged with BioHorizons, Orthogen, LLC was established in 2007 to develop and market next generation bone-grafting products for orthopedic and dental applications. Dr. Sachin Mamidwar serves as CEO of the company whereas Dr. Harold Alexander, previously Director of Orthopedic research at the Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York, serves as a Chairman of the Board. Orthogen offers various products including DentoGen®, NanoGen, collagen membranes, related instruments and sutures for dental applications.

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