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Orthondatists in the Community the Story of Three Decades in Orthodonticst


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Putting patients first has always been a priority for leading Tampa orthodonitist Dr. Randy Feldman and, after three decades specialising in the field, that is what he is still “in it” for. “The best thing for me is the patients,” Feldman reflects. “Whether it’s a four year old girl or someone who is 68; you have to get to know your patients. There’s something really rewarding about giving an adolescent a healthy smile, improved self-awareness and self-confidence.”

Thirty years ago, Dr. Feldman opened his orthodontic practice after majoring in Zoology at Ohio State University and continuing on to dental school. “At dental school I decided to complete a two year hospital residency program at North Carolina Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill,” Feldman recalls. It was during this time that he first encountered orthodontics and the world of Dr. Bill Proffit, regarded as one of the most widely read orthodontic authors, and his passion was born. “The whole concept of straightening teeth fascinated me”, he says.

Feldman has watched the industry change and evolve over the past three decades with dramatic advancements in technology. Years ago, his practice disposed of the tanks, processors and other outdated items that were no longer necessary. “We used to have a peg board to write down appointments,” Feldman says. “And every week I went to Kmart® to develop film there. Nowadays, we have about 20 computer terminals for appointments and all radiographs and photographs are digital.”

However, Feldman says there’s one thing that hasn’t changed over the years and that is his bracket system. “Many orthodontists have probably used 10 or 20 different bracket systems over their career, I’ve never really changed,” he beams. “I used a Begg 256-500 bracket and then the TP Orthodontics Straight-Edge® bracket. That’s all.”

Throughout his career, Feldman has been a constant champion of important children’s causes and is involved at a leadership level in multiple organizations that do outreach in the community. For years Feldman was the President of the Make a Wish Foundation and he is currently chairman of the board for More Health, an organization educating children on the importance of good health. He is also past Vice President for the organization Voices for Children for whom he is also a Guardian Ad Litem and advocates the rights for children who have been abused psychologically, mentally or physically.

Looking back at his career, Feldman says that it is his patients and their stories that have made his practice life so special. “Every patient has a story,” he says. “Get to know them, engage them and make them laugh. It comes back into your life ten-fold.”

Dr. Randy Feldman’s practice is based out of Tampa, Florida where he has practiced for 30 years. Dr. Feldman is an avid boxing aficionado. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelly, and their three children, Adam, Chelsie and Dalton.

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