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Orthotic Shop Helping Thousands Find Quality Orthotic Insoles and Arch Supports for Foot Relief


Warren, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- Thousands of people are discovering that they can get inexpensive corrective relief of arch supports and shoe insoles online from Orthotic Shop. Orthotic Shop is a leading online destination for quality comfort shoes, supportive slippers, orthotics and insoles that help people with foot, heel, or arch pain.

Millions of people suffer from a variety of foot conditions and imbalances of the bones of the feet that result in abnormal foot motion (over pronation). Many of these conditions can impair foot function, which can result in abnormal rotation of the legs and sometimes affects the knees, hips or back. Now, thousands of people have found an online home for orthotic insoles and arch supports at Orthotic Shop.

“We have been able to help many people find affordable high quality orthotic insoles and arch supports that help alleviate many of these conditions,” said an Orthotic Shop specialist. “We have also become an information and support source to help them understand these conditions and how many of our custom and regular solutions can help.”

From custom orthotics and arch supports to comfort shoes for a variety of activities and conditions, Orthotic Shop has the top brands of the highest quality made by reputable orthotic labs and footwear companies. Premade arch supports and shoe insoles are a great alternative to custom made orthotics as they provide exceptional comfort at a fraction of the cost. Arch supports can be used to treat plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heel pain, and give the body a solid foundation.

In addition to insoles and orthotics, Orthotic Shop carries a wide variety of comfort sandals and shoes for men and women that accommodate custom made and prefabricated orthotic insoles. These high quality shoes are made for a variety of activities from sports and work to casual and dress. Additionally, shoppers can find a variety of kids shoes, socks, heel cups, pads, braces and splints. Online visitors can shop by brand and type as well as find many articles on foot conditions and the many types and styles of corrective shoes and orthotic insoles.

Orthotic Shop provides simple impression instructions online as well as impression kits for custom orthotics. Orthotic Shop warehouses their footwear and ships from a geographically-central location so that customers can get their products and relief quickly. Additionally, they offer free return shipping for customers that need to exchange an item or simply do not like it.

Customers have 30 days upon receipt of the finished custom orthotics to determine their satisfaction. If a customer is unsatisfied with the fit of their custom orthotics, Orthotic Shop will attempt to correct the fit by either modifying the orthotics or by remaking them. Customers that remain unsatisfied with the fixed/remade insoles will receive a full refund once the orthotics are returned. For more information, please visit http://www.orthoticshop.com/arch-supports/

About Orthotic Shop
Orthotic Shop helps many people that have foot, heel, or arch pain as well as diabetic conditions. They carry high-quality comfort shoes for plantar fasciitis, which provides relief so people can be active on their feet again. In addition to the comfort shoes, supportive slippers, and arch support sandals, they have both custom and premade orthotics and insoles that are also perfect for people with plantar fasciitis and to control/correct foot pronation.