Lift Truck Capacity Calculator

Lift Truck Capacity Calculator Helps Prevent Violations

Safety and OSHA Compliance Ensured With Capacity Rating System


Mount Pleasant, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2012 -- Operating a forklift that is safe and in compliance with all OSHA forklift regulations is made possible by utilizing the Lift Truck Capacity Calculator, a game-changing product for anyone that works with or in the material handling industry.

Last year, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued nearly 5,000 citations for improper forklift usage, training, and certification, with fines reaching as much as $70,000 per violation. Many of these fines could have been avoided with the aid of an accurate load capacity estimator. Lift Truck Capacity Calculator makes those estimations a fast, simple process that guarantees that your load is both legal and safe, saving you from potential citation and helping you avoid accidents and work stoppages. Their calculator is available online and works for any forklift or forklift/attachment combination with loads of any height, weight, or center.

Lift Truck Capacity Calculators services include forklift certification and forklift data plates that can be configured to any set of attachments, including those that are custom-made or built in-house. They also offer corporate safety consulting, capacity certifications, capacity load map labels, and engineering and sales support for forklift and forklift attachment manufacturers and dealers, and for other material handling specialists.

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