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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- An avid fan of the Chelsea Football Club, having backed his team for many years Oskar Keysell has a keen interest in the news of Sport which can be seen on the Oskar Keysell Blog. Chelsea has now begun the process of negotiating with Jose Mourinho regarding the possibility of him returning to Stamford Bridge this coming summer. Although nothing has been set in stone yet, contact between the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and Mourinho has been made, and rumour has it that Abramovich is eager to bring the manager of Real Madrid back to Chelsea. It seems that Mourinho is hoping to part ways with Real, after the team suffered a defeat against Granada last weekend.

Chelsea are not performing at their best either, with results going from bad to worse under the management of Rafael Benitez. Despite the fact that some fans have expressed reservations, most seem to like the idea of bringing back one of the most successful managers. Currently, Chelsea is in third place on the Premier League table, which is not unimpressive, particularly when one takes their recent loss against Newcastle into account. According to some reports, Abramovich is adamant that the team should not miss a chance for the Champions League. Ultimately though, whether or not the team will be led to victory by Mourinho will be influenced by the control which Abramovich will allow the Portuguese manager to have. Since Mourinho left Chelsea, the management’s say in team building and recruitment has been eroded.

Whilst Mourinho and Abramovich have had a somewhat tumultuous relationship in the past, this iciness has thawed; but many say that it would be a huge sacrifice on the part of the club owner if he allowed Mourinho to create a team-building programme. The main reason behind Mourinho’s previous departure was that the Russian owner felt that he had taken over too much of the decision making. Another factor which might deter Mourinho is the possibility of managing Paris Saint-Germain. To find out more about this departure find Oskar Keysell on Facebook.

Under the current management of Rafael Benitez, the team’s has experienced a distinct slump in performance. Chelsea’s third place position on the table is fine for now; however, with Arsenal, Everton and Tottenham closing in on the team, yet another failure to make it into the top four would be viewed by most supporters as an unmitigated disaster. If this happens, Abramovich is likely to reach for his chequebook, and hand over as much as it takes to bring Mourinho back in – but only time will tell whether or not Abramovich will be able to tempt the manager into returning to Stamford Bridge.

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An avid fan of the Chelsea Football Club, having backed his team for many years Oskar Keysell has a keen interest in the news and updates released.

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