O'someChef Spiral Slicer Is Helping People to Lose Weight Through Healthy Cooking

The O'SomeChef vegetable noodle makers are able to create vegetable strips to be used in stir-fries, pasta dishes, salads and more. The slicer can also be used on carrots and zucchini.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- With obesity being such a major problem in America and around the world, where 78.6 million adults are overweight and obese, health experts are warning people to eat healthy. Being overweight or obese and cause serious health issues which include Type 2 diabetes, heart problems, and even some forms of cancer, and that is why medical experts are wanting people to change their lifestyles. However, people are put off from eating healthy foods due to the preparation time it can take to cook healthy meals, but thanks to O'SomeChef Spiral Slicer, healthy cooking has become simplified.

O'SomeChef is pleased to announce the simplicity of its spiral vegetable slicer and its ability to facilitate the preparation of a wide range of healthy and attractive dishes. When people choose to eat more healthful foods, it can quickly become boring unless they are presented in a way that is aesthetically appealing as well as prepared in a way to protect the nutritional content of the food. The O'SomeChef spiral slicer helps with the appearance of the healthy dishes.

In many instances, those trying to maintain a healthy eating style find that the meals can be boring. One way to stop that perception is to use nutritious foods, which are prepared in a manner, which conserves the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. Specifically, eating a larger proportion of foods, which are only minimally cooked, will raise the vitamin content of the foods taken into the body. This is especially true of vitamins, which are negatively impacted by heat, water or oils.

In order to help customers get started with healthy meal content, a selection of free bonuses is provided along with the purchase of the spiral vegetable slicer tool. These include six eBooks, which are instantly downloadable, and a free audio file. The e-book titles are "Exercise Tips for the Elderly", "Nutrition for Kids", "Guide to Help Teenagers Lose Weight", "Get Fit! Get Healthy!" "Cooking to Stay in Shape", "101 Weight Loss Tips". The audio file is titled "Health and Wellness Program".

O'SomeChef specialises in designing and producing cooking and baking tools to assist with preparing, cutting, straining, timing, measuring and other activities in the kitchen. All kitchen tools are subjected to the highest testing standards in order to ensure that they are high quality, durable and reliable. The slicers are made of high-quality BPA free plastic. This care in design and production allows the company to offer the 100 percent satisfaction, money back guarantee to the purchase of the slicer.

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About O'SomeChef Spiral Slicer
The O'SomeChef Vegetable Spiral Slicer makes healthy cooking simplified, giving men and women an important tool that can help prepare healthy meals that are interesting.

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