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Our Online Reviews Helps Shoppers Save on Best Outlets with New Coupon Codes Section

Our Online Reviews helps give impartial, insightful advice on stores and brands to help users get the best information possible, and now helps them get the best deals thanks to a new coupons section.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- There is almost no product on the market in any sector that is produced by only one manufacturer. Equally, there are almost no products that are truly exclusive to one store. As a result, shoppers find themselves facing an excess of choice, unsure where they will get the best deal or what manufacturer makes the best quality items. Our Online Reviews is a site founded to help answer these questions on behalf of consumers, and has now expanded its services to include discount coupon codes on a huge range of items and stores.

The coupon codes section now enables individuals to read the reviews published by the site before choosing their preferred provider of a wide range of products and services. Once they have done so, they are now able to get a 30% Off Coupon, 20% off coupon or free shipping coupon on most items reviewed on the site.

The coupons for 30% off can then be redeemed on the relevant website so that users can make instant savings and buy the reviewed products as quickly as possible, streamlining a process that would otherwise take considerably more time, sourcing products, reviews and coupon codes independently from different sources.

A spokesperson for Our Online Reviews explained, “We felt that coupons were a natural extension of the service we offer our customers. The wonderful thing about our new coupons section is that we can now not only offer consumer advice on where to shop, but even help shoppers make savings when they use these outlets, and significant savings too. The coupons we currently have on the site can save people nearly a third, as well as having handy codes for things like free shipping which over time amount to a significant saving.”

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