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Out of Reach an Inspiring, Daring and Captivating Story Now Available on Amazon

The story follows Layla, A Palestinian woman who was born in Gaza during the 1946 Palestinian war and falls in love with a Jewish Amercian.


Slough, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- Out Of Reach is a memoir of Palestinian, American Author, Layla Noor. Layla was born in 1948 during the war in Palestine.

After their Diaspora, new opportunities opened up for Layla’s family, oil fields were discovered in Kuwait and the oil rich country needed to hire professional people like Layla’s father. During Layla’s teenage years in Kuwait, she developed a rebellious character; she wanted to chase a dream of her own.

In spite of her strict father and Middle Eastern culture, she managed to go to study at the Sorbonne University. The book follows Layla's marriage to a successful Palestinian businessman, Rami. Layla and Rami moved to Abu Dhabi, which was a real melting pot and the family lived a luxury life with their two beautiful children.

Their life in Abu Dhabi was an exciting one, they got to witness the drastic growth that the United Arab Emirates experienced and travel the world but all was not perfect. The story tells the tale of espionage and finally the shock of a bankruptcy. The family had to leave all their belongings and make a midnight escape to Beirut. Rami constantly put Layla and their children in jeopardy, the family were always on the move: Oman, Saudi Arabia and Beirut.

In 1982 Layla and her children were trapped during the Israeli invasion of Beirut, Layla describes the experience as horrific, for twenty-two days the family had no water or electricity. The family desperately struggled their way to Syria and eventually on to Cyprus.

Cyprus became their home for the next ten years, Rami entered into a new venture with some Saudi business men. The wealth and money did not last long though, Rami went bankrupt again then left Layla and married another woman, Layla describes Ramis' actions as “a slap in the face”.

After a while Layla got over Rami and met an American, Robert. Robert wanted to establish a business in Palestine after the Oslo Peace Accord between Israel and the Palestinians. Layla was excited by Robert and his business plan. She wanted to pursue her dream of success after her marriage had fallen apart.

Layla proved to be a challenge for Robert who was used to getting his own way. Robert proposed to Layla multiple times, eventually she accepted. Layla and her daughter moved with Robert to America.

After the move Layla realized that she made a huge mistake, her life in America was full of loneliness and depression. Robert had personality problems and he suffered with Bipolar disorder. Finally Layla couldn't take anymore, she had to leave Robert and their beautiful home. Layla was now stuck in America and penniless.

Layla did not give up, she found love with a Jewish-American man but this not end well either. The full story of Layla's life, the trials and tribulations she suffered can be purchased Amazon.

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