Outbounders Releases New Dashboard and More Improvements

Outbounders.com the largest online marketplace, released its user-friendly new dashboard along with other interface improvements to accelerate agent hiring and managing of outbound campaigns.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Outbounders.com, the largest online telemarketing marketplace announces an improved client dashboard with intuitive new features that are now gathered in a single place for faster, smoother access.

Today, clients can view and manage their teams and new job applicants, handle messages and project notifications for a smoother execution of their outbound campaigns.

The updated, user-friendly dashboard saves clients time letting them focus on the management and advancement of their company’s sales and marketing efforts. Outbounders.com CEO, James Rick Stinson said today,“The success stories of clients who trusted Outbounders.com with their marketing and sales campaigns are indeed telling. We are constantly making improvements to our user interface to meet the diverse needs of our ever-growing user base. As always, feedback from clients and agents is welcome.”

One interface improvement is the noticeably improved loading speed of the Outbounders.com recruit website, the latter has become a breeze to work with for both clients and sales agents as its loading speed has been reduced to up to 70%.

Another feature in great demand is now available on the client dashboard namely, the Schedule tool. The Schedule feature lets clients view and set their hired agents’ schedule for maximum talent use at any given moment. This feature also allows for full talent utilization by other clients who can now check agent availability and time zone for hiring them on other sales campaigns.

Clients and agents can now fine-tune their agent and campaign searches through smarter filters. Some of the filters available include country of residence, hourly agent rate, phone and off-phone experience, agent status, agent specialization, and spoken language(s).

Through the upgraded client dashboard, the client can view agent productivity and hourly performance and assess new agents’ application for new campaigns too. According to Outbounders.com web developers, the company will soon launch a Smart Assistant service to enhance even further dashboard navigation and use for both clients and Outbounders.

About Outbounders.com
Outbounders.com has surpassed the 10,000 users milestone and as the user base grows the company plans more improvements to help more companies grow and reach new markets worldwide through outbound sales campaigns.

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