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How to Keep Outdoor Power Equipment Running in Inclement Weather

Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Experts Offer Valuable Equipment Snow Tips


Warren, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse experts offer timely advice to save valuable power equipment from harsh weather conditions.

Most people do not pay attention to the fuel pumped into a gas can; but careful attention should be paid due to the introduction of E15 blended fuel to the market.

E15 is gasoline that is blended with 15% ethanol. Ethanol is very corrosive to rubber and certain metals, so it can damage vital components. Ethanol attracts and bonds with water in the air. When water separates in the fuel/gas tank (phase separation), it migrates to the bottom and can cause damage to fuel line, seals, gaskets, and carburetors.

Two-cycle engines typically run hotter with an ethanol blend and can accelerate potential damage. Most reputable power equipment retailers carry pre-mixed fuel for 2-cycle engines that lasts up to 2 years. If equipment or gas cans sit inactively for several weeks, it is essential to add a good fuel stabilizer like Ethanol Shield.

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute has issued strong warnings to consumers to pay attention to their fuels or risk severe engine damage. Fuel issues are not warranty issues, so damage will not be covered.

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