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OutdoorKiddies Launches Play Equipment Reviews in Response to Waning Outdoor Time

Helping parents decide which home playground equipment is their best option is the first step to getting children active again, publishes outdoorkiddies.com


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- According to a recent survey, an estimated 75 percent of children in America spend less than an hour outside each week, a trend at least three decades in the making. Researchers assert this lack of fresh air and activity is largely responsible for the burgeoning number of physical and emotional issues now being seen in young people ages eight to fourteen as well as certain problems cropping up in adulthood for those of the previous generation. In light of this development, Andrew Townley of OutdoorKiddies hopes to bring children back into the light of day with the launch of the company's outdoor play equipment reviews.

Said Townley, "With all the technology now available in every household in the nation, children have lost their will to play outside; at the same time, the growing dangers of the world have left parents hesitant to even allow children out of their homes. Our website offers helpful information about some of the outdoor play options on the market. Hopefully, this will give both kids and adults a more in-depth look at the benefits and disadvantages of popular play sets, to help them decide which ones are right for their families."

Among the elements discussed on the OutdoorKiddies website are safety and durability, which are primary concerns for parents. Features available from the items being reviewed are also detailed along with appropriate ages and ways children can benefit from each aspect. Price ranges are mentioned as well.

One of the company's most recent assessments can be found at

With most equipment of this nature requiring home assembly, the website additionally examines difficulty levels in this regard. Issues potentially cropping up during the construction process are mentioned, allowing parents to decide if a particular piece falls within their skill range.

Overall ratings are provided as are links for purchase, an example of which may be viewed at

Concluded Townley, "Children can gain a number of benefits from playing outside; one of the problems is getting them interested in doing so and keeping them engaged once they're there. Home playground equipment has the potential to do just that, but so many alternatives are on the market, parents tend to be unsure of which are worth their time and money and which would be a waste of both. With our reviews, we hope to help make the decision a great deal easier and reintroduce kids to the wonders of the great outdoors."

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