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Outer Calm LLC Will Bring Order to New Yorkers Affected by Chaos


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2017 -- Outer Calm LLC, an organizing consultancy, today announced it has begun operations in the Greater New York metropolitan area. Its purpose is to get things organized, whether for personal spaces, business processes, or digital environments.

Founder Eric Saber has united his own personal organizing habits and systems with a decade of experience helping arts organizations build their businesses more efficiently through technology. He believes that organization can be a key to a simpler life – one where you have more control and focus. This sense of outer calm often leads to an inner calm as well.

He stated, "Like many people, I used to hold onto decade-old magazines, random knick-knacks, and t-shirts from high school. After I began to notice that the more stuff I held onto, the more stress I felt, I decided to pare down my possessions and organize what was left. I quickly realized that I felt more calm and focused. It's a pleasure helping clients create a sense of peace with their surroundings, so they can find their focus and then turn it toward what's important."

When it comes to organizing personal space, Saber has done it all. "Stuff controls our lives more than we would like to admit. Sorting it, finding room for it, maintaining it. Managing it all alone can be overwhelming. And in a place like New York where space is at a premium, the problems just get bigger as your space gets smaller." Yet, there are strategies to bring order to all of it. Overflowing cabinets, packed closets, and piles of paper are no match for Saber.

A recent client says: "Working with Eric increased our accountability and motivation to actually get down to tackling the problem areas in our apartment. It was a much more pleasant experience than if we tried to do this on our own. It's like having a 'stuff coach' and we continue to use what he taught us to make our apartment much more workable for us."

Saber also coaches small businesses on how they can improve organization and increase productivity. He is an expert in time management, CRM systems and processes, e-mail systems, and sales tools for increased ROI. "A well-organized business is an efficient business, and efficiency is how you maximize profits," he said.

With the explosion of mobile devices and apps, managing one's digital life can be equally chaotic. Saber brings the same organizational savvy to the digital world that he does to personal and business organizing. He can help control e-mail, manage photos, create secure passwords, and convert paper to digital files. Saber commented, "There are some great apps out there that can help anyone better organize their digital lives, as well as their real world spaces. Tackling those To-Do lists gets easier once you have the right tools to manage everything."

About Outer Calm LLC
Outer Calm is a privately held organizing service operated by owner and founder Eric Saber. The services provided include organization of personal space: kitchen, pantry, cabinets, closets, bedroom, bathroom, dining & living rooms, paper (mail &general filing), and home office. In addition, Outer Calm's business services help with time management, CRM systems and processes, e-mail organization, sales tools for increased ROI, paper filing and office space optimization. For either home or work, Outer Calm also organizes digital clutter, control e-mail, manage photos, utilize great apps, secure passwords and convert paper-to-digital.

Eric Saber
Professional Organizer and Founder of Outer Calm Organizing