Joe Bragg Aims to Answer the Question on Many Computer Users' Minds: Why Is My Computer So Slow


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- The human race depends on computers every day in order to survive. But unfortunately, computers don’t always do as they’re told. Computers slow down as they get older, and one simple virus can disable an entire network of computers.

In many cases, those who don’t know how to fix computers are left scratching their heads wondering, “Why is my computer so slow?” Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to that question, and computers can slow down for thousands of different reasons.

But one website called wants to help visitors solve their computer problems – whatever those problems may be. recently launched editorial content that explains why computers slow down. At that page, visitors will find down-to-earth advice about fixing computers – even if they’re so technologically-impaired that they can barely send an email.

For those wondering how this solution works, an spokesperson explains:

“At, we wanted to help visitors understand their computer problems. But more importantly, we wanted to show them exactly how to fix it – even if they weren’t very good with computers. That’s why we developed a software program called Cacheman which aims to optimize a computer’s performance in hundreds of different ways.”

As the website explains, Cacheman optimizes system performance by doing a number of different things, including:

- Taking over process management
- Optimizing memory management
- Boosting registry performance
- Fixing memory leaks
- Improving the efficiency of background tasks like antivirus software, defragmenters, and indexing services

For those who are wary about installing a new software program on their systems, makes a bold guarantee. The developers of the program guarantee that, after installing the Cacheman program, web browsers, computer games, and resource-intensive programs will run without lagging, stuttering, or slowing down.

Once visitors have learned everything they need to know about Cacheman from the website, they can download a free trial from The free trial allows users to access basic program functionality and experience the user interface for themselves before deciding whether or not to buy the software license. is about more than just repairing and optimizing PCs. The website also features information about a link checker program developed by OuterTech called Linkman Pro. Linkman Pro scans through user bookmarks to find any dead links or major content changes. The goal of Linkman Pro is to optimize the user’s bookmarks folder.

Both Linkman Pro and Cacheman are available for free trial downloads from the website.

About is a software development company that has created various types of PC optimization software. The company recently released a program called Cacheman which optimizes system performance in hundreds of different ways, as well as a program called Linkman Pro which optimizes the user’s bookmarks folder. For more information, please visit: