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OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE Takes Through an Inspirational Journey

This book by Anthony Russell is published by St Martin’s Press and Robson Press in the USA and UK, respectively


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- Anthony Russell grew up in the popular Leeds Castle Parkland, which was left to him by his grandmother. He used to live at the castle on weekends/holidays and felt very much isolated inside the immaculate and luxurious grounds. OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE Growing Up at Leeds Castle is a memoir written by Anthony Russell depicting his childhood steeped in riches, at the Leeds Castle. Through this book, readers will get to experience the magnificent and wealthy life only a few can ever imagine and dream of. Anthony Russell writes about his unusual life in an enchanting and captivating manner that appeals to all types of readers.

The popular recording artist Sir Cliff Richard has read OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE and says, “This book is full of humorous and interesting personalities and anecdotes that make the castle and its past come alive, Anthony not only brings the castle’s past to life but also shows the ‘humanity’ of Aristocracy.”

Leeds Castle has always been known as one of the most beautiful castles in the world and many must have imagined going inside and experiencing its fairy tale settings. Through OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, a wonderful opportunity has arisen to explore the realities of this castle delightfully. Anthony Russell also tries to reveal the best preparations he made for the modern unconventional life beyond the walls of the castle. The spectacular luxury that surrounded the author has not seemed to change his perceptions towards the practical world; instead, it has helped improve himself greatly even upon that legacy. The book sheds light on the life of personalities like Lady Baillie, Lady Ampthill, Anthony’s parents, his brothers and sisters, nanny and the author himself.

The author says, “Ancestors with glowing titles and extraordinary accomplishments filled the history books, but there would be consequences for being handed everything of a material nature on a plate, with no clear indication of what one might be expected to do with such good fortune.”

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About Anthony Russell
Anthony Russell grew up in complete luxury and richness at Leeds Castle. In the book OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE Growing Up at Leeds Castle, he has described his life inside the castle. Anthony Russell has a great passion for music, and a song written and composed by him is available at the website and YouTube.

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