Outside-The-Box.net Helps Medical Professionals Manage Patients' Stress Levels and Improve Patient Retention


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- Chiropractors, psychologists and massage therapists all deal with clients who show the signs of stress either physically, psychologically or in some instances both. These important services often help people manage their stress levels, however large gaps between treatments can cause stress levels to rise once again. These increases in post treatment stress levels can often lead clients to wrongly assume that progress is either slow or nonexistent.

How to Stay Balanced During Stressful Situations is a concise, informative, stress management guide to assist medical professionals manage patients stress levels between visits. The guide’s author is Dee Cohen a licensed social worker and an expert on how to reduce daily stress. The guide has been well received in many different fields but Dee Cohen believes it can particularly help chiropractors and psychologists. Dee commented:

"Often clients get discouraged because they feel they slip between sessions into a depressed state that is tough to overcome. Having a tool to use for practicing at home helps the client maintain the gains of each session. This also helps the practitioner retain their client in a cost effective manner."

The guide teaches how to handle and even reduce daily stress through a series of steps including relaxing breathing techniques, meditation, changing perspective, exercising and simple yoga stretches. Dee explains that the guide is effective yet simple to implement:

“The guide has been designed so that it gives practical solutions for people of any age group. Professionals, businesses, parents and even children have used the guide successfully.”

For medical professionals such as chiropractors, stress reduction booklets are an excellent way to build a relationship with clients. The guide is brandable with space for one's logo or contact details to be placed on the front of the booklet.

Medical professionals can also use the booklet as a marketing tool, Dee Cohen explains:

“The stress guide can be used as a free gift to patients on birthdays or holidays. It’s also an excellent reason to write to former patients without being pushy. A free gift is often a more effective sales tool than many traditional marketing approaches.”

How to Stay Balanced During Stressful Situations is an effective way for medical practitioners to help their patients' stress levels on an ongoing basis while simultaneously getting viral exposure for one's practice.

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The ‘How To Stay Balanced During Stressful Situations’ booklet is a valuable but inexpensive resource for massage therapists, chiropractors and other health practitioners. The booklets can be personalized and provided free to customers as a teaching aid or for homework assignments. For more information visit http://www.outside-the-box.net