Outsidepride.com Encourages Customers to Care for Their Gardens During the Winter Months


Independence, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2018 -- The team at Outsidepride.com, a provider of some of the best flower seeds for sale online, wants their customers to give their gardens and lawns attention as the winter months roll around. When people care for their gardens in the winter, they are positioning themselves to have a better growing season in the spring and summer. However, many individuals are unsure how to or, even, if they should care for their gardens and lawns during the winter months.

One thing Outsidepride.com suggests homeowners do is mulch at the beginning of winter. This is a little-known tip that can help gardeners defend their plants from the winter's cold by regulating temperature more effectively, storing heat, preventing water loss, stopping the growth of weeds, and protecting against harsh frost. Mulching also boosts the level of organic material readily available for these plants during the winter months as well as the initial availability of nutrients when spring rolls around.

Outsidepride.com also suggests that gardeners harvest and use their compost at the beginning of winter. When people harvest their compost at the beginning of winter, they can use it to top of their garden beds, acting in a similar manner to mulch by creating a barrier and jumpstarting growth in the spring months.

The team at Outsidepride.com wants their customers to have the best gardens and lawns possible — that's why they offer their own aerator and liquid fertilizer for sale online. They offer other lawn and garden goods as well, such as seeds, aeration products, and other lawn or garden-care supplies. Homeowners who want to get a head start on taking care of their lawn and garden this fall can visit Outsidepride.com to purchase lawn improvement goods today!

About Outsidepride.com
Outsidepride.com, Inc. is a family business that opened in 2000. They are known to be a leader in the seed production industry in the United States and have filled hundreds of thousands or seed orders to date. They're located in the Willamette Valley, which is found outside of Salem, Oregon. Their mission is to provide their customers with the highest quality seed, lawn, and gardening supply products. Their inventory is centered around facilitating active growth and high germination percentages.

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