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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2013 -- What else can we say but is here says Owner and CEO Richard Bohlke. The worlds premier low cost provider of skilled technical talent at amazing low cost savings is here. has arrived with much fan fair. Deemed by users and professionals as the planets best source for deals on services others try and charge. Thousands for. If you need it done chances are we can help deliver to you a quality product saving you thousands.Our suppliers build websites and ready made niche websites, drive targeted traffic to your website right this way. Need more of a social media presence well step right up says Bohlke. Need a attention gripping logo designed well look no further. Wanna sell your website post it up and watch it sell. Need a hot radio or promotional ad done, well stop right here and let the hype begin. We are different explains Bohlke because unlike others you only pay with one low monthly fee. The money you make the rest of the month is gravy. All yours.

We can help from so many areas and if you dont see a service displayed on our site, Bohlke adds.Just post an ad looking for that type of technical service. Yup we allow that to. What makes us different and better we care. Sure explains Bohlke we could have said pay us 20% of your sale. But hey Bohlke adds who did the work,not us, you did. Simply put we draw the top level talent for one reason.We provide the worldwide media platform our website, market the site. Everywhere and anywhere.We only charge our low membership fee to essentially do what has to be done to make you a success and run a top of the line website service business. While making a modest profit. In our secure buying patform if you have an issue. We address that issue for both our sellers and buyers. With you pay no success fees, nothing. Simply ladies and gentleman you only pay one low monthly fee. After that what you sell or what you buy, is clear money, no, zero success or buyers fees with us. One monthly fee and buy and sell away with ease.Yes thats true we have had calls and emails but yes thats the delightful fact Knowing your doing so in the worlds premier and most secure site. A site that cares says Edith a social media marketer from New York City "To be allowed that honour adds Edith is awesome. truly assures that my work and my voice as a professional matter. Farook a website designer from India says finally a first class website that allows me to earn the whole of what I make.Farook added "At both buyer and seller walk away from the buying process feeling great. A great product obtained at a fair purchase price and a great service delivered at a reasonable selling price, I am a fan".

Other sites charge you 20% per sale notes Bohlke, Why we asked ourselves. Our market research showed us one thing there was no need. Sure it would drive up our profits but you will find we are not all about that. Like we said Bohlke notes again. We truly care. Pay your monthly low membership fee and if you sell $2000 worth of services in that 30 day span its all your friends. Take it and have fun. You earned it. Do us one favour tell the world tell everyone about us. So everyone benefits.

This month our introductry membership is just $10 dollars.Rounding out to $25 every month after.We looked at stats and our memebership notes Bohlke is a huge savings. Plus it assures customers of one key thing the seller is noted in our system They are a credible professional willing to invest in there professional craft. A survey showed that in that case. Sellers would be not hacks looking for a fast dollar with nothing invested or to loose. A membership that delivers all the security thru to the buying process is complete. After 800 emails to us Bohlke laughs about Premier Listings, featured space we solved the issue. First come first served for $10 dollars per month and the feature spot is yours. For the ease of having the worlds best at your fingertips on one website. Competition and emails were fearce for those spots so we consulted and all our team felt that this was fair to all. Oh those spaces blurts Bohlke are eligible for the taking starting Oct 26. So essentially when you read this.

In our tests over a two month span Bohlke details one logo designer sold logos for just $5 dollars per logo design. She sold 5 per day. For a monthly total of in one month of $750 profit all to her. Other sites she would have only cleared $600 or less. That is just one small example ladies and gentleman of how we are better. Let us show you further lets take Carlos a young man out of Florida. He sells pre made websites for $50 dollars each installed and all. He sold 3 per day during our trail working out they kinks period. 3 times $50 = $150 per day times 30 days in a month. Carlos in one month made $4500 dollars from Other sites would have took at least $900 of that maybe more for fees. Not here.

So folks we are here to serve you with fair ethical and amazing outsourcing services.Bohlke says the fan fare has been great and the Freelancers of the world are singing our praises. So if this is the first time youm have heard of us. Well we cant wait to see you. Dont settle for paying higher prices anyfuther. is the place to be.Your do the hard hard and technical skilled work so shouldnt you benefit more clasps Bohlke For the technical and promotional services you require and some other funny style services to. We got it all or its coming soon. Wanna have a clown email your friend a happy birthday video. For example.Wanna buy a premade website for $50 bucks installed and all. One that will in minutes start making you money. Yeah its all here if not like I said its coming. So check us out our website address is below and let everyone know. Who we are and what we can do for them. So if you sell services mentioned or know someone who does show them our way. If you buy services like the ones listed or now someone who needs quality professional services at a fraction of the cost. Show them our way. A better way of doing quality business. The way. Closing Bohlke notes he wants to quote Sebastian from Boise Idaho. Finally there is a better fairer way that rewards me for my hard work. Finally I matter, not profits ..... Cheers folks, check us out and hey spread the word.