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OUTXPRO Mole Repellent Device Sees Exceptional Sales at the End of Product Launch

Popular Product Proves to be One of Companies Best Sellers


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2016 -- OUTXPRO™ sponsored a press meeting to discuss the sales success after the product launch of their Mole Repeller. The Ultrasonic device has given families a tool to rid yards and gardens of pesky and destructive underground animals. The mole repellent has given the company a solid hold on the repellent markets and is poised to become a very successful product.

The mole removal device scares away moles, voles, snakes, mice and other underground pests with ultrasonic pulses without physically harming the animals. It's economical and eco-friendly because of its solar powered design, no battery replacement necessary.

The company has been offering methods for pest control in humane ways and this pest repellent is a continuation of this policy.

This is an easy device to use and can be easily set up and used by anyone. The user simply places the spike into the ground in an area of strong sunlight and turns on the switch. Sometimes a shovel or rake handle can be used to make a hole first so the spike is easily placed in the ground. After that, there is no maintenance needed.

Customers have commented on the repellers effective use, with animal pests normally leaving the area within a week or so and sometimes sooner.

OUTXPRO ™ president Rainer Diehl commented on the popularity of the animal repellent:

"The mole repellent device is expected to be one of our more popular products given the great sales report we've seen after its launch. Families have found it very useful for protecting property and keeping dangerous animals like poisonous snakes away from kids and pets. "

Benefits and features:
No danger to kids and pets
Solar powered so saves money on batteries and electric
Waterproof casing
Repels many different underground pests
Eco-friendly design

Product available on Amazon:

R & D Products LLC, 19C Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE 19806, 231-369-2608

OUTXPRO™ is dedicated to helping its customers eradicate annoying insect and animal pests and do so without dangerous chemicals. At OUTXPRO™ we strive to create innovative products and informative articles to help people combat pests so that they can enjoy their time outdoors and protect their families indoors too.