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OUTXPRO New Product Release: Motion Activated Ultrasonic PIR Repeller

The Reliable and Effective Pest Repeller


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2016 -- The leading distributor of pest repellers OUTXPRO™ released its newest product the Motion Activated Ultrasonic PIR Repeller Designed for those having trouble with unwanted animal intruders, this device has the power to repel stray cats, dogs, squirrels, deer, raccoon, skunk, fox, mice and rats to name a few. This ultrasonic sound device keeps property protected.

The squirrel repeller can handle tough animals that frequently enter garden, patio, lawn, farm, yard and in garbage can areas. A strong flashing led serves as an alarm that will scare pests away and the ultrasonic soundwave emits a sound that only an animal can hear which makes them feel scared so that they flee. Homeowners can be rest assured of the safety of their property. No more waking in the middle of the night just to check if the flower bed is still ok or the garbage is a mess. Just turn on the frequency level device and its good to go.

This latest ultrasonic pest repeller is now offered on the OUTXPRO™ website ( and on the amazon website page,

Homeowners do not need to use harmful chemical sprays to repel animal intruders, it's a new innovative way to keep disturbing pests away from the family. Consumers have found that this non-toxic alternative is a safer and better way for family and pets.

Features and benefits of the Motion Activated Ultrasonic PIR Repeller:
Safe and effective to use
It's environmentally friendly
Cost effective solar energy recharges the battery
It has the ability to protect homes 24/7
Adjustable knobs that can increase range and change frequency

Can be used for a variety of different animals

Product available on Amazon:

R & D Products LLC, 19C Trolley Square, Wilmington,DE 19806, 231-369-2608

OUTXPRO™ is dedicated to helping its customers eradicate annoying insect and animal pests and do so without dangerous chemicals. At OUTXPRO™ we strive to create innovative products and informative articles to help people combat pests so that they can enjoy their time outdoors and protect their families indoors too.

Gary Crass