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OUTXPRO's Leather Insect Repellent Bracelet Launch Ends on Record High After Exceptional Sales

Popularity with Amazon Customers Increases Product Awareness


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2016 -- At an OUTXPRO™ press release meeting company officials told press associates that their Leather Insect Repellent Bracelet introductory launch ended with exceptional sales, a record for the company. The company announced that this record sale was due to a very solid showing for this popular and effective mosquito repeller.

The company announced that another reason for the success of the mosquito repellent bracelet was due to the wide variety of use. Families love the stylish bracelet that can be worn on picnics, camping trips and hiking, while those who work outdoors like its effective ability to ward off insects in even greatly infested areas.

Another reason for the bracelets popularity is that the Zika virus is most probably going to show increased numbers of infections this summer in the United States (according to the CDC) so mosquito protection is even more important now. Pregnant women and their unborn babies are particularly susceptible to the virus because it has been shown to cause devastating birth defects.

The Leather Insect Repellent Bracelet uses non toxic plant oils to repel insects, unlike chemical insect sprays and lotions that can have serious side effects. The plant oils They are very safe for the whole family: pregnant women, children and pets.

The Leather Repellent Bracelet sales info can be found on Amazon and at

The bracelets are DEET free, colorful and waterproof so make a good choice for fishing, swim camp or just wearing when out and about.

Rainer Diehl, OUTXPRO ™ founder and president talked a bit about the Leather Repellent Bracelet's recent success:

"This has definitely been one for the record books. The Leather Insect Repellent Bracelet's launch was extremely successful and we look forward to great future success with this product. It's a great looking product that everyone seems to love and does a fine job of repelling mosquitoes, especially important in this age of Zika infections."

Benefits and features:

No dangerous chemicals like DEET
Very trendy and colorful designs
Jump in the pool or lake and it still works great
Will repel a number of different insects
Great Zika Defense

Product available on Amazon:

OUTXPRO™ is dedicated to helping its customers eradicate annoying insect and animal pests and do so without dangerous chemicals. At OUTXPRO™ we strive to create innovative products and informative articles to help people combat pests so that they can enjoy their time outdoors and protect their families indoors too.

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