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OUTXPRO's Mole Repeller Becoming Popular with Amazon Customers

Ultrasonic Device Scares Away Underground Pests


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2016 -- At an OUTXPRO™ press release conference company executives said that their Mole Repeller has seen a very strong reception from Amazon customers. This mole repellent has been reported to be very effective for snakes, voles, rodents and underground animals that cause damage to yards and gardens.

It has been a useful device for repelling these destructive animals while not harming them. It uses ultrasonic noise to repel pests from areas such as gardens and lawns. It's solar powered so is economical and eco-friendly too.

Some underground animals such as snakes can be a danger and mole hills can cause problems while walking. The ultrasonic pest repellent is an effective and humane way to reduce these dangers. OUTXPRO ™ has been a leader in repellent products that do not harm animals while providing both cost effective and eco-friendly solutions. The new repeller stays true to the company policy by being a money saving product (no batteries to buy) as well as planet friendly.

This mole removal unit is an alternative to other more dangerous methods such as poison and mechanical trapping devices which can be a hazard to people and pets. Also, there is no need to remove dead animals, simply place the mole repeller where there is plenty of sunlight and let it operate, no maintenance needed.

OUTXPRO ™ founder and president Rainer Diehl talked about the animal repellent's Amazon popularity:

"We've seen a very big increase in Amazon sales of the mole repeller as were hoping, it seems that customers have taken to this easy to use and humane way of ridding destructive animals from property. We expect this to be one of our better Amazon sellers in the future as more people and families become familiar with it."

Benefits and features:
Solar powered, economical
Weather resistant and waterproof
Repels destructive underground animals
Environmentally friendly and very economical to use
No Chemicals, no traps

Product available on Amazon:

OUTXPRO™ is dedicated to helping its customers eradicate annoying insect and animal pests and do so without dangerous chemicals. At OUTXPRO™ we strive to create innovative products and informative articles to help people combat pests so that they can enjoy their time outdoors and protect their families indoors too.

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