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Over 1,000 Homes Suffer from Lack of Power During Winterfloods: Electrical Generators Ltd Comments


Great Bridge, West Midlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2016 -- The limits of conventional power systems were highlighted during the recent floods which affected a number of areas in the UK, as many homes were left without power altogether. Strong winds combined with heavy rains characterised negative patterns of weather which were named by the Met Office these include Storm Desmond and Frank. These conditions caused significant disruptions to power systems, including uprooting cabling and affecting machinery. In turn, the importance of the role of electrical generators came to the fore, as affected people opted for portable units in order to see them through the initial damage. It is expected that greater attention will be paid therefore to ensuring that UK citizens have appropriate access to power resources and basic facilities when affected by severe weather.

The UK flooding crisis was at its most acute at the end of month of December 2015 and progressing into January 2016. A prime example of a business working to respond constructively to this was Electrical Generators Ltd, a prime provider of power-generating equipment. They are aware of the importance of developing a consistent and quick energy source, especially in light of these recent conditions. They are frequent commentators on industry news and a spokesperson had this to say:

"The recent flooding crisis and the effect it had on a number of power supplies – with many conventional networks still feeling the aftermath - shows the importance of having access to an alternate source of power. That is why offer a wide range of generators, which are often used in industry but can fit a number of requirements. Providing a source of power matters to us."

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