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Over 250 Recipes' with Metabolic Cookbooks

New cookbook bring fat-burning nutritional plan to weight-loss


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2014 -- Scientifically, it takes from 21 to 28 days to make a behavior a habit, a behavior that has gone from a thought to automatic. How does one make shedding pounds more automatic and less a process of thinking about how to do it? Metabolic Cooking. And now, bringing more automation to cooks everywhere to help them shed pounds, are the recipes that can be more than habit forming because of their great taste, at

“I think most fitness professionals would agree that nutrition is the key to getting the body you want,” says Ron Romaniello, NYC's Top Celebrity Trainer. “Losing fat and gaining muscle certainly have a lot to do with training, understanding that is the easy part. Applying it is much harder. There's a difference between knowing what to do and figuring out how to do it. He continued to note that “Calorie formulas and macronutrient breakdowns are all well and good, but there is a huge gap between the basic idea of what to eat and actually putting it on the plate. The Metabolic Cooking cookbook bridges that gap.”

May people give up on diets quickly because the don't understand the benefits, the food prescribed – whether home-made or processed – is bland or just unedible and the results take too long. With Metabolic Cooking, the quick and easy recipes bring excitement to one's diet while helping to burn fat with simple, tasty, supermarket ingredients, saving the dieter tons of money while giving them visible results.

With the Metabolic Cooking cookbook program, dieters are guaranteed to get:

Natural, tasteful, healthy, money-saving recipes.

Recipes that boost the metabolism rate to help lose weight and build muscle mass.

Quick and easy to follow recipes for the cooking impaired and busyworkers.

Professionally presented instructions.

The Metabolic Cooking Cookbook is more than a cookbook. It is 250+ Fat Torching Recipes, all designed with metabolic thermo-charged ingredients. Each recipe is quick and easy to prepare, ultra tasty, and guaranteed to boost the metabolism for a fat burning diet. Developed by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier, users learn their non-negotiable and essential principles to be successful with fat loss goals; learn what, when and how to eat in order to burn the fat non-stop, faster, and keep it off FOREVER; and will know exactly how to create, tweak, and adhere to a PERFECT fat loss meal plan

that is completely individualized to fit one's particular needs.

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