Over 3 Ways to Reverse Kidney Damage


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Healthy Kidney Publishing releases this press release of over 3 ways to reverse kidney damage to let the public know what they can starting doing to help their kidney disease.

All 3 ways to reverse kidney damage are from medical studies and used in other parts of the world. These recommendations are in video formats and all under 3 minutes. Healthy Kidney Publishing also has a guide to improve kidney function. To learn more about Healthy Kidney Publishing, “All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program” click the link.

These are FREE videos by the founder of Healthy Kidney Publishing Robert Galarowicz N.D. who is a United States Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist who has dealt with kidney disease first hand …

Ways To Reverse Kidney Damage #1

Uric acid is substance that can accelerate kidney disease. Uric acid is made from foods we eat that contain purines. Purines are found in varying amounts in foods. They can range from being very high to very low depending on the food source.

Learn more about uric acid and slowing down kidney disease, click the link below …

Slow Down The Progression of Kidney Disease

Ways To Reverse Kidney Damage # 2

There is now a treatment for FSGS that can stop the disease from progressing and stop any further kidney damage. Anyone should incorporate this treatment if they have the disease FSGS which stands for Focal Segmental Glomerlosclerosis. This type of kidney disease is deadly where most cases the people end up on dialysis with kidney failure.

Learn more about this treatment, click the link below …

Treatment for FSGS

Ways To Reverse Kidney Damage # 3

The Kidneys are responsible for controlling the acid/alkaline balance of the body. If this crucial function is not maintained the body will no longer be able to survive. Research has shown that the food people eat has a drastic effect on reversing kidney damage by providing more alkalinity to the body. This allows the kidney to not work as hard and allow it rest to heal.

Learn more about these foods and the acid/alkaline balance, click here …

Renal Disease Diet Foods

There are many more ways to reverse kidney damage by visiting Healthy Kidney Publishing’s youtube.com channel at … http://www.youtube.com/user/betterkidneyhealth

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Here is what a customer of the program has to say,

Here Is My Blood Work I Said I Would Send If The Program Worked …

"Here is my blood work I said I Would send if the program worked. Creatinine From 3.2 to 2.0, GFR 16 to 39 (More Than Doubled), Potassium, Cholesterol & Albumin All Normal. "I thank this program from the bottom of my heart. This means so much to me and my family."

~ Eliazar
Brookly, NY

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