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Over Fifty Ain't Always Fabulous: Reflections of a Baby Boomer - Whimsical & Poignant New Book Examines 'Real' Lives of Baby Boomers

Written by Joyce Nanette Johnson, ‘Over Fifty Ain't Always Fabulous: Reflections of a Baby Boomer’ offers Baby Boomers a side-splitting yet frankly-honest look back at their generation’s tumultuous lives. While their knees may now be artificial and their memories somewhat fading, Johnson’s humorous retrospective will have any Baby Boomer laughing in pride at their past and present.

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St. Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- While the media portray Baby Boomers as sexy beacons of fashion and energetic go-getters, Florida’s Joyce Nanette Johnson knows a very different reality. With most joints aching and a simple bath requiring the contortionist skills of a circus performer, Johnson joins millions of others in the belief that being over fifty isn’t always fabulous.

Not one to let age and its limitations define her, Johnson has compiled a ground-breaking new book that celebrates that past and present of the Baby Boomer generation in a way that will even force laughter out of those refusing to grow old with grace.

Synopsis of ‘Over Fifty Ain't Always Fabulous: Reflections of a Baby Boomer’:

A humorous look at the real lives of Boomers, vs. the media’s unrealistic view of some sexy, energized person that only exists in some marketing mavens’ mind. There are many of these advertising darlings out there, but Over Fifty Ain't Always Fabulous isn't aimed at those Boomers, but it is for those who have survived the scrapes and bumps of life, but we are not as shiny or energetic as some of our touted counterparts.

“Over Fifty Ain’t Always Fabulous” laughs out loud at the present and then takes you on a sentimental visit to the past examining how the same situation means different results for Boomers today. Over Fifty Ain’t Always Fabulous: Reflections of a Baby Boomer is a shout out to the past, examination of the present , and a celebration of life’s poignant but hysterical journey.

The author isn’t afraid to admit that her generation has always made their presence known.

“We are now and have always been vocal, boisterous, have a history of implementing social and political change and can still sway advertisers with our discretionary income, if we have any money left at the end of the month. Through humor and poignancy, my new book will have fellow Baby Boomers laughing at the past and present,” says Johnson.

Continuing, “It’s important for us to have a light-hearted view on life. My drugs cupboard is full to the brim with pills of all sizes and colors (if you were to see it you’d think I was making money from it) and I can’t exert too much energy without rolling on the floor with a writhing Charlie horse – but this is a small price to pay for the lives we Boomers have lived. My book celebrates all that is great about being over fifty – even if I can’t really get my eyes to focus properly on the pages!”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, one reader commented, “Over 50 Ain't Always Fabulous is a great read, packed full with everyday situations that will appeal to everyone whether your over 50 or not. The author doesn't just dispel the commercial myths of women over 50 , but also engages the reader with jokes of the trials and tribulations most of us have experienced or will experience after passing the big five 0.”

With the Holiday season approaching, interested parties are urged to snap up this perfect gift opportunity as soon as possible.

‘Over Fifty Ain't Always Fabulous: Reflections of a Baby Boomer’ is available now: www.createspace.com/4248664
Or www.amazon.com

About the Author
Joyce Nanette Johnson is a free-lanced writer based in St. Petersburg, FL. The Long Branch, NJ transplant has been a contributing writer for The St. Petersburg Times (Tampabay Times), St. Pete Bulletin, columnist for Citilife Magazine and a correspondent for the Weekly Challenger Newspaper. She is the owner of Joydee Productions, which originally developed and produced several websites for community organizations for several years, and other public relations projects. Joyce Nanette Johnson was a finalist in 2010 and 2011 Tampabay Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists awards. Ms. Johnson was the recipient of the 2011 Women in Communications Award presented by the Gathering of Women, Inc.