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Over50web.net Is Devoted to Helping Baby Boomers Connect Online


Spring, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2012 -- According to statistics, over 94 million people in the United States are 50 years or older. Commonly referred to as “baby boomers,” the 50-plus age group definitely has its own specific concerns, interests, needs, and more. From worries about finances and healthcare to questions about taking care of an older parent while often still working full time, there is a wide range of topics that are very important to the over 50 crowd.

While some baby boomers have friends who are close in age, this does not necessarily mean they can or want to share many of their private worries with them. Others simply don’t have anyone with whom they can talk, which can leave them feeling very alone with their concerns.

A website has been getting a lot of attention lately for its wealth of helpful, useful and reassuring information that pertains to anyone over the age of 50.

Over50web.net features hundreds of outstanding and educational articles on a wide variety of topics. The articles, which are filled with tips, advice, and sometimes a good dose of humor, are written by guest authors like physicians, experts, and authors as well as visitors to the site.

The overall philosophy and theme of the website is stated at the top of the home page and quotes the famous song “Don’t Let Us Get Sick,” by Warren Zevon: “Don’t let us get sick. Don’t let us get old. Don’t let us get stupid. Alright?”

The website also helps baby boomers to connect with other people their age through an online forum. This can be a great way for people over the age of 50 to realize that they are not alone with any questions and concerns they may be facing.

Using the website is easy; people are welcome to visit at anytime and begin browsing through the plethora of information. Helpful category tabs at the top of the home page will allow baby boomers to find the specific information or advice they are looking for quickly and easily.

A list of the most popular articles is also featured on the home page; current topics range from articles about the best baby boomer jobs that are perfect for a career change after 50, to the pros and cons of long term care.

From investment tips to a funny look at a midlife crisis and much more, Over50web.net is a great free website for older women and men that allows them to gather together online and learn from each other.

About Over50web.net
Over50web.net strives to help baby boomers stay informed, connect online, and hopefully, be amused. The website features an active group of people who comment on the articles, submit quality content and have connected the website’s Facebook group. The website uses articles, polls and a forum to communicate. For more information, please visit http://www.over50web.net