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Overhead Door of the Northland Is Changing the Way We Look at Garage Doors

Latest Trend in Garage Doors is the Availability of Custom Options


Bloomington, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- Your garage door is one of the first things visitors to your home see when they arrive – and with the holiday spirit alive and well these days the chances are good that you will welcome a healthy throng of guests in the next month. The truth of the matter is that many homeowners do not take the time or effort to match their beautiful front door with their lackluster garage door. Recognizing the significance of an aesthetically pleasing garage door is something the folks at Overhead Door have never had an issue with. Based in Eagan, Minnesota (outside of Minneapolis), Overhead Door specializes in commercial and residential garage doors, security grills & grates, and even loading dock equipment. They are on the front lines, demonstrating the importance of a durable, eye-catching garage door to homeowners across the country.

Years ago, the biggest decisions to be made about garage doors were related to the use of a window and the kind of trim – but these days consumers are spoiled for choice. From beautiful aluminum to the unique look and feel of copper, the latest trend in garage doors are the building materials themselves. Customers can select a classic mahogany or a modern fiberglass. There are even doors reminiscent of a stately carriage house. Buyers are encouraged to find a door that perfectly complements their front door as well as the exterior of the home. Some have even found doors to mesh with their home's interior, radiating a sense of warmth and comfortability throughout their property.

General Manager Jim Lundberg spoke about the numerous options available today, "In many ways we live in a golden age of choice. You think of coffee, beer, television, and our cars – all of them have a wealth of options for consumers today that did not exist 20-30 years ago. The same rings true in the garage door industry. We are happy to give our customers a wide range of options that enable them to create the optimum look for their home."

If you are interested in learning more about the plethora of possibilities in garage doors today, be sure to check out this special report that illuminates the delightful combination of durability and beauty that exists today.

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Since 1980, Overhead Door in the Northland has been the only authorized distributor of Overhead Door Products in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. In addition they offer sales and service for everything related to dock areas: loading dock levelers, dock lifts, dock seals, vehicle restraints, fire doors, high performance doors, counter doors, security grills & grates, and pedestrian barriers. They proudly offer 24/7 Emergency Service for Commercial and Industrial customers.