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Oversized Chairs Are Better Than Ordinary Couches - Says Study

The latest study by the group of researchers of California University has revealed that oversized chairs are better than couches. Researchers have found it less risky for health as much as long couch is.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2014 -- According to the Report published by the Researchers of California University, the oversized leather recliner has been described better than the soft cozy couch. This astounding report has been a great aid for the top chair manufacturers as they get a new promotional reason for the sale of oversized recliners. However, the Oversized Chairs, a prominent chair manufacturer, has been specifically described for its well furnished and comfortable recliner with top notch designing factors. This US based company has been known for its vivid designer pattern which are highly comfortable and space efficient. As per the statistics, there are about 35% sales of recliners last year, out of which more than 20% chairs were overpriced for no specific reason. This alarms the consumers about buying a highly apt chair for their day to day use.

The experimental results of examination of prototypes of space saving chairs by different manufacturers revealed the name of Oversized Chairs as the top one. Experts found that the company manufactures the chairs under strict scientific norms of mechanical designs. The pro engineers from the company claim that their designs are not only comfortable, but also space efficient as compared to same chair class manufactured by other companies. The company's manufacturing unit takes pride in its highly improvised machinery and testing rooms where each prototype is fully tested over 3 different quality and design tests including one for comfort and durability.

The designs of the oversized recliners manufactured by the company are based upon the ergonomic factors. The engineers make it sure that each part of the chair is adjustable to the preliminary body posture without extra pressure on the limbs, joints and other specific body parts. For the base material, the company utilizes a special kind of soft leather obtained by optimum processing. However, experts found that chairs manufactured by Oversized Chairs Company involve cotton, fabric and velvet as the prominent material in combination with leather, making it affordable, durable and sophisticated for the day to day usages.

As per the study, the natural postures of sitting positions of the human body are well supported by the oversized chairs that are made up of leather of other semi-fluffy material. In the mirror, the flexibility and softness of the material used by Oversized Chairs Company has been found highly accurate for optimum level tension to support human body postures. “The spine can be well supported on the oversized chairs as compared to the couch.”, prominent Anatomy Specialists and Researcher, Dr. Martin Smith, say, “people often tend to lay down on the couch, which is not possible on oversized recliners, preventing critical bending of Spine Padding over the Threshold Limit.”.

The Statistics from the Market Survey Companies reveal that people have started preferring the folding oversized recliner cum chairs, instead of couches, to prevent common backbone troubles including the tiredness and spine pain. Obviously, the new studies by the researchers of California University will affect the Sales Figures of top Chair Manufacturing Companies, mainly Oversized Chairs Company. To read more, click here or visit .

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