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Owen Patterson & Owen Offers Free Auto Accident Case Consultations


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2016 -- Owen Patterson & Owen offers free consultations to all of its auto accident clients. Which is amazing because after an accident the injured person's family is not in the mental condition to fight the insurance company to issue them the insurance money. They are also not in the condition to fight for the responsible person's accountability nor in the condition to get appropriate compensation from each responsible party. That is where companies like Owen Patterson & Owen come to the rescue.

Owen Patterson & Owen handles car accident cases in Santa Clarita and they offer Free Consultations. They also offer to fight the victim's case on a contingency fee basis which means that the victim does not have to pay a penny to the lawyer. The lawyer only gets paid if he/she wins the case and the victim gets the money or in other words the lawyer only gets paid when the victim gets paid. Owen Patterson & Owen does not charge any money if they lose the case which rarely happens.

As stated by OPO, "The team at Owen Patterson & Owen has always stood for Results, Experience and Integrity. For over three decades, Owen Patterson & Owen, expert auto accident attorneys, have been specializing in Santa Clarita car accident cases and have successfully helped thousands of auto accident victims".

Owen Patterson & Owen auto accident contingency fee based service is very suitable for those people who are quite sure that they have a better chance of winning the case. Then they would not have to waste money on a lawyer by paying them an hourly fee, rather they would just have to share a small predefined amount with the attorney of OPO. Even if they lose the case they have nothing to lose because as stated above Owen Patterson & Owen does not charge its clients if they lose their auto accident case.

As stated by Owen Patterson & Owen, "Our attorneys are sincere about doing what is right for the people. We represent personal injury cases because want to help our clients obtain the best possible outcome and we are willing to take the matter to trial in order to achieve that result".

About Owen Patterson & Owen
Owen Patterson & Owen was founded in 1977, since then they have successfully served several thousand clients. Greg Owen is the Senior Partner of OPO, Rick Patterson is the Founding Partner of OPO and Susan Owen is the Managing Partner of OPO. They all are highly-trained, qualified and experienced professionals; and with their countless efforts, they have managed to earn many awards for OPO and because of that and their great service, OPO has managed to get huge recognition from the people of the USA.

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