Owner of WMN Subliminal Tees Reveals Secret to Peace Symbol

Artist develops art technique to design t-shirts for his t-shirt company WMN Subliminal Tees.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- William Tibbs of Los Angeles, California, developed his own art technique to design t-shirts for his company WMN Subliminal Tees. He also reveals the secret to the Peace Symbol.

William's designs are effective because they give a glimpse of the way we all experience life through our own personal perspective. William says, "The images that mean the most to us are memories we carry with us throughout our lives tucked away in our subconsciousness."

The object of William's art technique is to get a view of what someone else sees. It requires extensive knowledge of human bones and muscles to create the witness and the setting which the witness occupies and sees. When people look at the artwork, they sees what the person in the picture sees.

Sketches are down from the perspective of every light applied to the witness and the scene. These sketches provide the highlights and shadows for the final image. A strategic part of the final image is selected to put on t-shirts. When people look at the t-shirt, they see something that they have seen many times during the happiest moments of their lives. The question is "Where did I see that before?"

William says "In this century we see a new kind of art. It's a lot like baseball. Fashion and trends do not happen by chance. They happen by design. And success is determined by a pitcher who possesses a curving fastball with a spin on it."

Remember Woodstock? The Peace Symbol was everywhere. Well, William shows the formula for this simple design that drove the crowd into delirium. Visit to see the secret to the Peace Symbol and take a look at William's designs.

About Welliam Tibbs
Welliam Tibbs began his professional art career in the 6th grade selling sketches of the Beatles to classmates. He spent most of his life doing portraits. Today, he enjoys designing t-shirts for his company WMN Subliminal tees.