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OWS Tensions Run High – Demonstrators Can Now Vent Frustration Without Breaking the Law


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) --11/29/2011 -- Now into its third month, the risk of violence at OWS gets bigger each day, and as tensions rise, the risk of damage and arrest becomes more apparent.

One team of software developers 2500 miles away has delivered the perfect solution to help the demonstrators vent their frustration peacefully and legally.

That team is ZombieActive Games, based in Los Angeles. It may not sound like your regular solution for the control of finance-led anger, but the team firmly believe that their latest zombie shooter - Hollyweird Zombies – is just what Wall Street really needs.

The company’s Founder, Nick Pawluk, tell us more:

“Our company is a small independent operation, and we’re a perfect example of the persecuted 99%. We want demonstrators to find a non-violent and legal way to vent their frustration, and we just figured that our game may be one way for them to do so”.

How? It’s actually quite simple. Hollyweird Zombies allows the user to replace zombie heads with images of anyone – by uploading an image or taking a photo with the iPhone’s camera. These pictures then become the faces of the zombies – and are fresh for killing.

The game has already been tested by many local Los Angeles demonstrators, who firmly believe that it’s the perfect way for those up and down the country to vent their frustration in a productive way.

Keeping with the rather fitting OWS theme, the developers of Hollyweird Zombies will be donating 10% of all profits between the app’s official launch day to the day after Thanksgiving, to the OWS cause.

“We really want to thank the demonstrators for all they are doing. We chose the day after thanksgiving to highlight the respect and thanks that the nation has for them”, says Nick.

So, it looks as if a productive avenue for frustration has finally been presented to those taking part in Occupy Wall Street.

Hollyweird Zombies will be available for download from the Apple App Store from the 17th November.

You can find out more about the game at its official website: http://www.hollyweirdzombiesgame.com/