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Oxford Vitality Announces Coenzyme Q10 for Boosting Immune Health in the Elderly


Oxford, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2015 -- Also known as CoQ10, the Coenzyme Q10 offered by Oxford Vitality is available in tablet form in quantities of 60 to 1,000. A deficiency in the amino acid can occur due to conditions ranging from disease, insufficient intake through food that's eaten, and the body's high usage.

"With temperatures plummeting and bugs and viruses circulating with greater ease at this time of year, which can be particularly devastating to our elderly population, a supplement such as Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone, can make a huge difference to an elderly relative's well-being," said Sanderson.

Winter months are especially difficult for the elderly who are at higher risk for illnesses due to compromised immune systems. They're also more susceptible to SAD and depression during fall and winter when little sunlight is available. The body's production of ubiquinone decreases significantly after the age of 60 and a ubiquinone supplement is a convenient way to prevent a deficiency, boost the immune system and combat depression.

CoQ10 is produced naturally by the body, but levels begin to decrease after the age of 20, rapidly declines after age 40 and can be a component of serious health conditions. Research published in the 2009 edition of Neuro Endocrinology Letters indicated that Coenzyme Q10 is a potent antioxidant and beneficial for addressing chronic fatigue, depression, inflammation, and oxidative stress responses.

A study published in the Jan. 2015 issue of Nutritional Neuroscience showed that CoQ10 supplementation is beneficial for addressing fatigue and depression in patients. People with a ubiquinone deficiency can encounter symptoms ranging from lack of energy to major depressive episodes.

Multiple research projects have demonstrated that a CoQ10 supplement is also beneficial for addressing cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and degenerative neurological diseases. It's advantageous for weight control, diabetes, compromised immune systems, and age-related CoQ10 deficiencies.

The availability of Oxford Vitality's Coenzyme Q10 capsules offers a convenient supplement for addressing a wide range of conditions that are particularly prevalent in the elderly and are often most evident during fall and winter months. The supplement provides a year-round solution for health, wellness, maintaining energy levels, and preventing a CoQ10 deficiency.

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