Oxycodone: The Harmless Drug, That Could Kill Teenagers


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- Oxycodone is a prescription medication that is used by people who suffer chronic severe a pain to help them live normal lives free of the pain. When used as prescribed it is a safe and harmless drug but when abused it has deadly consequences.

The trend of teens using prescription and over the counter drugs for purposes other than those they were intended for has been rising steadily. Alot of these kids will take prescription drugs to help them cope with the pressure of their school work or to help them ‘pull an all nighter’ and even in some cases for recreation purposes for the ‘rush or high’ that results.

Oxycodone is one such drug that is commonly abused as a recreational drug by either taking it as it is or by crushing it to snort or inject or even mixing it with alcohol. Many teens consider it a relatively ‘safe’ drug given that it is prescribed by a doctor and can be quite easy to get.

What many are unaware of however, is how powerful oxycodone is and how easy it is for it to become habit forming and eventually become an addiction. Oxycodone alters the way the brain responds to pain and it remains in the body for a long period of time before it is completely eliminated therefore its effects can last for a long period of time.

When oxycodone is taken with other drug or alcohol it can enhance the strength of the drug in the body making its side effects much more severe than they would normally be and also raising the chances of an overdose or death. In the case where the method of administering the drug is different, where for example instead of swallowing it someone breaks the pill or crushes it and the takes it. They get the full dose of the medication released immediately in their body which could easily become an oxycodone overdose.

For many of these teens getting high on prescription medication seems better than getting high on illegal street drugs although this is not the case as prescription drugs are equally as dangerous when abused.

Parents of teens should have an honest talk with their kids about the dangers of recreational use of over the counter medication to keep them from seeking out other misleading sources of information such as those on some internet sites that go as far as telling people how they can abuse these drugs.

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