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Venice, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2013 -- Oxygen is the vital source of energy in every living being which enriches the entire body after entering the blood stream. The urban population of the present day world is in constant search of a whiff of fresh air and that is the reason they often head towards verdant mountains and pristine beaches. However, oxygen bar introduced by the company Oxygen Bars allows people to breathe fresh air enriched with oxygen. Quite often flavored scents are added to enhance the experience. The oxygen is bubbled through bottles of aromatic solutions which enriches the air with a pleasant smell. Sometimes these oxygen bars make use of aromatic oils which comes with some added benefits.

The non-medical, scented oxygen produced at oxygen bars contains four to five percent extra amount of oxygen than normal air. Breathing such fresh air leaves customers fully rejuvenated, refreshed and detoxified. Oxygen bars were first introduced in Japan and later on they became quite popular in Las Vegas and California. Nowadays, oxygen bars are found in many establishments like salons, health clubs, spa’s, tanning salons, restaurants, casinos, shopping malls and lots of other places. Apart from that they can also be found in corporate meetings, conventions and trade shows. The most important nutrient for the cells of the body is oxygen and makes up for ninety percent of the body’s nutritional needs. There are several benefits of using oxygen bars which include energy boost, endurance improvement, performance enhancement, stress reduction and quick fatigue recovery.

Oxygen Bars is one of the leading manufacturers of oxygen bars and has clients in forty one states of the United States and fifty two countries worldwide. One of the major benefits of breathing oxygen from oxygen bars is that there are no adverse effects associated with the process if it is continued for less than thirty minutes. The aromas used are derived from natural elements like eucalyptus, orange, peppermint and lavender.

Moreover, the oxygen that is used in the oxygen bars comes from self contained also known as oxygen concentrators. These concentrators make use of the Pressure Swing Adsorption technology where the oxygen molecule is separated and other gases are released back to the atmosphere.

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