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Oxygen Bars Constitutes to New Way of Living

An oxygen bar is an establishment, that allows people to breathe in oxygen enriched air for recreational use.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- Oxygen bars, a trendy setup to inhale oxygen for leisure and recreation. Different kind of aromas and flavors are added to enjoy it further. Either food products are added to it or a variety of aroma oils. Oxygen is inhaled through pipes attached below the nostril and the flavor comes from oxygen bottles, which contain the flavors. Oxygen bars are not for any medical purpose but only for recreation and fun.

The flavors contained are very soothing and not very strong and helps in reducing stress, fatigue, also improves and enhances the energy and performance level. Oxygen bars were very popular in places such as Las Vegas, Japan, California and many more cities and urban town in US and other developed countries nation wide. It is still not very active in India.

Oxygen in Oxygen bars contains 90% of oxygen inhaled as compared to the natural air, which is of 21%. Medically it has not been proved that the flavored oxygen is harmful to the human body.

Oxygen Bars are easily found at places such as nightclubs, spas, salons, health clubs, bars, hookah bars, restaurants, coffee shops, yoga studios, fitness workshops, hotels and many more venues. It can also be arranged for corporate events and private parties, weddings, and other promotional parties and events. Clients and visitors can sit and relax with their friends, relatives for as long as they are comfortable and are able to inhale that oxygen.

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They not only make oxygen bars but also make oxygen spa carts, which are used in spas and salons and help in facial and other skin treatments, and for aromatherapy. It is portable and easy to use and offer 2 different kinds of benefits. They also make oxygen cans in which oxygen is stored and you can use it anywhere, as it is very user friendly and helps in reducing stress and fatigue.

These were some of the additional benefits of this company. One must visit and consult this website for oxygen bars. Their oxygen bars are well made, with beautiful interiors and soothing ambience. Not only one feels serene and calm, but rejuvenated and refreshed with great customer satisfaction.

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