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In our present world, people desire for some source of refreshment to postpone their business tension for some time.


New City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2012 -- In our present world, people desire for some source of refreshment to postpone their business tension for some time. They tend to take some time out of their daily or weekly timetable for refreshment. This source of refreshment changes from time to time as per the taste and preference of inhabitants. It has been noticed that every source of refreshment is adopted by the citizen of developed countries for a particular time period and then a new trend is presented to them. But, the old refreshment source doesn’t ends here as it is adopted by developing countries. Hookah bars is one such example which was accepted by tremendous number of people decades ago but is still quite popular in developing countries like India. Replacing hookah bars, the latest and much appreciated source of refreshment is an oxygen bar.

As we know, oxygen is an essential part of our life, the idea of refreshment by inhaling oxygen has been very brilliantly presented in the form of oxygen bars. People who hear it for the first time think what it actually is and how can people get addicted to it. One thing that they overlook is the main factor of these bars i.e. enriched oxygen. Nowadays, people live in midst of densely populated cities where air is polluted. So people get addicted to enrich oxygen of these oxygen bars once they experience it. To offer high level of refreshment to people, flavored scents that basically are derived from food-grade particles are added. Duration of one session is about 30 minutes and people who have experienced it report that they feel refreshed and detoxified. However, it should be noted that this only provides refreshment and is not capable of treating any illness.

In developed countries, it has been widely accepted as it is used in various venues. The list of venue includes nightclubs, bars, spas, health clubs, resorts, salons, casinos, theme parks and yoga centers. Families don’t mind its presence during get-togethers, birthday parties or weddings. Its presence is also noticed in corporate meetings and promotional events. The reason behind such acceptance is the benefits of oxygen bars. Inhaling this enriched oxygen advances energy, condenses stress and improves endurance which ultimately increases speed and performance of the person. Therefore, we can conclude that modern youth have adopted better and health-friendly source of refreshment in the form of oxygen bars.

About Oxygen Bars
Originated in Japan, oxygen bars are establishments (now found in developed countries and few developing countries) which provide refreshment to people by offering enriched oxygen which are flavored. It detoxifies the person who experiences it and makes him feel refreshed. The atmosphere of these bars provide relaxation to mind and quantity of enriched oxygen present here is 4 times greater than that of normal environment. From the viewpoint of business, it is quite profitable as profit margin per client is impressive. It is estimated that cost incurred in one session is approximately $0.40 whereas price charged from clients for each session is more than $25; which leaves at least $24.60 for the firm. For more details of an oxygen bar, feel free to visit http://www.oxygenbars.com.

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