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OZ Lifting Products Announces New Builder's Hoist

New Builder’s Hoist Now Available


Winoa, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- OZ Lifting Products, a leader in producing industrial-strength hoists, clamps, and trolleys, is proud to unveil its latest high-quality item, the OZ Builder’s Hoist.

Intended for use in construction sites, factories, and related workplaces, the OZ Builder’s Hoist boasts a compact, lightweight build and a lifting capacity of 500 lbs.; additional features include a line speed of 75 fpm and a double brake device. It runs on a single-phase 115 volt power supply.

The OZ Builder’s Hoist is the newest in the company’s line of hoists and similar industrial lifting products. All their products come with a certificate and serial number guaranteeing that that the equipment has been properly tested and industrial standards have been met.

Many of their hoists include overload protection, a safety feature that prevents the equipment from lifting loads beyond its capacity. OZ lever and chain hoists also have labor-saving benefits, having been designed so that they may be operated with 20 to 35 percent less effort than their rated capacity ordinarily requires. They also carry a variety of beams and clamps.

For more information about Oz Lifting Products, please visit their website at, which features many useful videos and downloads relating to the company’s equipment. Their toll-free phone number is 800-749-1064.

About OZ Lifting Products
Based in Winona, Minnesota, OZ Lifting Products has decades of experience in manufacturing top-of-the-line hoists, clamps, and trolleys that have been used around the world in industrial settings. The company’s equipment is tested and certified in the U.S.