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Oz Tree Services Removes Trees to Preserve Property and Utilities


Diamond Creek, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- Oz Tree Services is a premiere removal and trimming company featuring qualified arborist tree removal for home, business and commercial clients. The company's owner, Simon Lamb, provides free estimates and serves suburbs throughout the Greater Melbourne area.

"Trees may need to be removed for a number of reasons," said Lamb. "They can become diseased, unstable, pose a problem with utilities or present a hazard to people and property."

Tree removal is a dangerous process and must be accomplished with precision and by small increments to prevent it from becoming a danger to people and damaging surrounding structures and plantings. Before removing any tree, an assessment by the tree doctor at Oz Tree Services is critical. Depending upon the situation, judicial trimming and lopping may be performed to save the tree and avoid removal.

Tree roots grow deep and they're capable of pushing through water pipes and even concrete foundations and basements in their expansion to support above ground growth. To preserve vital underground utilities and structures, it may be necessary to remove them. Some have more invasive root systems than others and it's a good idea for property owners to research trees before planting.

Property owners often encounter similar problems with trees that have flourished and grown too tall, interfering with overhead power lines. Aged and diseased trees, along with those that have become a source of food or shelter for insects, need to be removed. Affected branches can fall and cause significant damage, the entire tree may topple in high winds, or spread an infestation to surrounding foliage.

Situations may arise in which even healthy trees may need to be removed. It's a substantial concern in areas that are prone to bushfires. Abundant growth that becomes dry and brittle during seasons of little rainfall provides a readily available source of fuel for fires and tinder that can spark a major fire when they come in contact with even small embers.

The tree removal, trimming and lopping services offered by Oz Tree Services helps individuals and businesses avoid injuries to people, expensive property damage, and the potential for fire damage. The company's experienced arborists provide a variety of services to maintain the safety of people, pets and property.

About Oz Tree Services
Oz Tree Services provides free quotes for tree removal, lopping and pruning, hedge trimming, stump grinding and mulching services, along with tree assessments. The company provides regular maintenance services to keep current plantings aesthetically pleasing, remove damaged trees after storms, and prevent hazards in fire prone areas.

Media Contact
Owner: Simon Lamb
Phone: 1300 900 595
Address: Diamond Creek, VIC 3084 Australia