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Ozone Business Event - The Ozone Business May Be the Next Success Story


Grandville, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- In a day when good-paying jobs are very hard to find, working for yourself has become the best way to make a six figure income. Forget the get-rich-quick scheme. The ozone business may be the best way to ride the wave of innovation and start an easy-to-run business that has no inventory or hard work.

In case you haven’t hear about the ozone service industry yet, the National Ozone Association is taking their message on the road to interview serious entrepreneurs in person. Unlike most events job-seekers might attend, the event provides a one hour presentation and an interview process that seeks to identify only 2-3 of the best candidates for this territory-exclusive business.

Mark Tipton, will present a very informative review of the facts of the ozone business, and conduct the interviews for the business process in several cities across the United State. These events are open to those with serious interest in a great business concept.

The ozone business is a growing industry, even in the last four years of a depressed economy. The reasons are that ozone is all natural, a Green process, that is absolutely sustainable as a process. Ozone is used for four major processes:

1. It removes all types of odors
2. It sanitizes better than any other process
3. It kills mold and mold spores
4. It kills insects like bedbugs

Ozone does all this with OXYGEN. It uses not chemicals and leaves no toxic residue.

But, here is the most important feature. Ozone cannot be bottled, stored, or sold on the shelf. It must always be produced on site. Portable units are toolbox size and powerful. The process is set-up and take-down. There is no inventory to buy, stock, or handle. And, one person can run the business without breaking a sweat.

Like any business, people can start and fail because they simply do not understand the best path to follow. Collecting information over the Internet is like swimming in lead boots. So, NOAI has set up a complete program that gets members up and running in just 30 days.

There are no mysteries about this business. Training, certification, website, equipment, marketing and support provide everything needed to get the business off in a powerful way. Marketing is the next challenge, and NOAI has identified the best targets and provides the tools to reach a market that literally has no competition.

If you are within travel distance to one of these business events, it is worth the time to consider this career choice. This is not a job fair, but a career choice with serious potential for anyone interested in a great business.

Cities are: Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; St. Louis, MO; Miami, FL; Dallas, TX; Raleigh, NC; Los Angeles, CA; and Las Vegas, NV. These are evening events scheduled to be about one hour in length. To insure attendance, a $25 fee is being charged, but each person arriving will be given $25 in cash upon arrival. This program is not to sell products or collect fees. Click Here for More Information

National Ozone Association
Grandville, MI