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P-VAR from Crazy Mass Eliminates Fat Fast for a Lean Cut

Powerful for both men and women, Paravar from Crazy Mass is a natural and prescription free substitute for Anavar. Achieve a lean cut whilst preserving muscle mass from Paravar.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- Paravar is the latest, high quality bodybuilding supplement from Crazy Mass. Proven to be effective for both men and women, Paravar (P-VAR) is a popular alternative to Anavar and will boost strength dramatically without sacrificing muscle mass.

How does Paravar work?
P-Var from Crazy Mass is a hard core anabolic designed to dramatically eliminate fat whilst keeping a lean cut look at the same time. Due to its unique properties, Paravar is ideal for both men and women and great when combined with T-Bal from Crazy Mass leading supplier of Crazy Mass - confirms that "P-VAR is one of the few products available suitable for both men and women and dramatically reduces fat fast. It also promotes a lean cut look whilst burning fat and contains a high anabolic number to increase size and strength."

Key Benefits
Paravar is one of the most popular bodybuilding products available with benefits including:
- Eliminates visceral and subcutaneous fat
- Safer than Anavar
- Boosts muscle hardness for sharp and slick appearance.
- Potent but suitable for men and women
- Taken orally
- No prescription or injection required
- High quality
- Results seen in 2 weeks!

"P-VAR has proven to be a popular brand from Crazy Mass due to its effective results for both men and women. With results seen in 2 weeks, P-VAR is a perfect alternative to Anavar," spokesperson has confirmed.

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