P90X Workout Plan - Offering Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Loss All in One Package

The P90X program is based on the idea of "muscle confusion," which implies changing the workout routine and introducing new techniques.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- The P90X workout plan is an extreme home DVD workout plan that claims it may provide people with a lean, sculpted physique in 3 months. The P90Xworkoutplanis retailed by Beach Body through its site and television infomercials. The Beach Body provides a 100percent, 90-day satisfaction guarantee, although one still needs to pay delivery expenses, if one wind up returning the P90X program.

Each workout is offered in a circuit format, by which people go from exercise to exercise with slight break in between, hence maintaining their heartbeat up. The defining DVDs target particular areas of the body every day: back and chest; then arms and shoulders; back and thighs; triceps and chest; and biceps and back. Additional DVDs concentrate on plyometrics (intense "power" actions), Kenpo boxing, abs/core, cardio fitness, stretching and yoga.

The 59-minutes “Plyometrics” exercise may be the most intense within the P90X fitness program. After a prolonged warm up, cardiovascular routine leads one via sequence of jumping moves which mainly perform the lower abdomen. People will need a great set of shock-absorbing shoes as well as gentle landing surface for that one. Since its high-impact, ignore it if one has hip, back, ankle or knee problems. Actually the P90X yoga exercise is intense: its duration is of 90 minutes, and quite difficult, particularly to those not familiar with yoga.

About is a fitness website started by a high profile fitness trainer- Lanré Idewu. He mixes his understanding of diet, dedication, health to deal with all areas of his clients’ workout requirements. A multidisciplinary technique is utilized by Lanré to exercise. It also includes yoga, Pilates, Aerobic and lifting weights.

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