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P90X2 Home Fitness Program Arrives at Extreme Body Workout


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2011 -- P90X2, the latest home workout program to hit the market, is now being offered by one of the top Internet retailers of home fitness programs, Extreme Body Workout. This system is based in the latest fitness science and is designed to transform bodies within a short 90 day period. According to Extreme Body Workout, P90X2 is “Total Body Transformation on a Whole New Level.”

The P90X2 system package is sold in three different formats: Basic, Deluxe, and the Ultimate package. All three contain a video guide, two guide books, a P90X2 calendar, and twelve workout DVDs with the following titles:

1. X2 Core
2. X2 Total Body
3. Chest + Back + Balance
4. P.A.P. Lower
5. P.A.P. Upper
6. Plyocide
7. X2 Yoga
8. X2 Shoulders + Arms
9. X2 Recovery + Mobility
10. X2 Balance + Power
11. Base + Back
12. X2 Ab Ripper

Depending on the package selected, consumers also receive things like: bonus workouts, a foam roller or RumbleRoller, a premium stability ball, 8 pound medicine balls and Tony Horton’s Powerstands.

The included Nutrition Guide helps people customize a diet plan that works with their lifestyle and nutritional needs. There are more vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options than with the P90X program, and more variety in general. Recipes and meal plans are included.

Extreme Body Workout, a top-selling retailer of home workout systems, specializes in helping consumers find the right fitness program for their individual needs. They offer a wide variety of home workout programs, as well as supplements and fitness accessories.

P90X2 currently retails for $119.85 to $299.55, depending on the options selected. For more information on Extreme Body Workout or the P90X2 workout system visit http://www.extremebodyworkout.com/p90x2-workout-products/p90x2-workout.php

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