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PA DUI Lawyer Edwin L. Guyer Offers Advice on What to Do After Charged with DUI


Blue Bell, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- Being charged with driving under intoxication (DUI) can be a life-changing experience. PA DUI Lawyer Edwin L. Guyer has been defending people in the court systems for over 30 years. It’s important to know what to do after being charged with such offenses, as courtroom procedures can be complicated and demanding on defendants.

With the state as the plaintiff, they are sure to have their bases covered and have a strong prosecution. It’s important for defendants to understand their rights, and also realize that the state’s procedures on processing cases for DUI are often imperfect.

Finding the right defense lawyer is integral in finding loopholes, as well as the shortcomings of screenings done by law enforcement, such as breathalyzers and field sobriety tests.

For example, breathalyzer estimates are based on the average adult, and in reality, every person is different. Because of this, often blood alcohol content (BAC) is misrepresented by this test. Likewise, there are non-intoxicating substances that can trigger false-positives on a breathalyzer, like alcohol based mouthwashes.

After considering these facts, it is important for a defendant to consider the magnitude of their offense. Counties in Pennsylvania prosecuting DUI often have different penalties based on the BAC of the defendant.

Regardless of the magnitude of the charge, DUI is not a minor offense. Even the slightest DUI violations carry serious penalties. These penalties can include fines over $1000, license suspension, jail time and a mark on someone’s permanent record.

In order for someone to successfully defend themselves after all these factors have been considered, certain skills are necessary. Skills like motion filing, knowing rules; both technical and procedural, a full understanding of regulations for witness questioning, protocol for presenting evidence in the courtroom and the tenets surrounding legal objections.

Prosecution will often go quite far to get the conviction they want. Guyer understands this and has been protecting the rights of DUI defendants in the Pennsylvania area since 1975. He knows that after a DUI, a citizen’s reputation, license status and future are at stake. Reach him today at 215.542.9333, or visit his website.

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