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P&A International Announces It Has Broken Through a 25 Percent Growth Milestone in 2012


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2013 -- P&A International, a China-based company that provides a wide variety of machine shop services including sheet metal work, stamped metal parts, CNC machining and much more, has just announced that it has achieved a significant milestone by breaking through a 25 percent growth barrier in 2012. As a proud supplier to the American Wind Turbine industry, P&A International has supplied major wind power generator companies with key high-quality components.

According to information released by P&A International, the American wind power generation industry is now a leading builder of new power and holds a 42 percent stake. Currently, the total electricity that is generated by wind farms is equal to 60 nuclear power plants, or 60,000MW. As the company noted, the wind turbine industry now employs a total of 80,000 people both directly and indirectly and grew 27 percent in 2012, all while attracting about $24 billion in investments.

Because of this unprecedented growth, P&A International saw an increase in orders and company turnover. Last year’s 25 percent growth was the highest that the company has ever experienced in a single year.

“While we are optimistic about a possibility of achieving even higher figures in the future, we are careful about it,” a company spokesperson said.

“Our main focus is high quality products and customer service; both are known to deteriorate when companies focus too much on high growth numbers.”

In general, there are three main players in the wind power generation industry: General Electric, Siemens, and Vestas. P&A International is proud of its role as a steel engineering subcontractor that supplies these key companies with components that are made in China.

“Our expertise in aluminum extrusions allowed us to offer unique cooling solutions for the power distribution switchgear and generators,” the company spokesperson noted, adding that P&A International has also helped the top companies on occasion with larger scale CNC Machining of the custom components for Research and Development projects.

“The most exciting project is a very large and high precision aluminum die casting part we are making for the wind turbine gearbox. This part uses special aluminium alloy that is structurally very strong yet light. This alloy is known as not suitable for the die casting process, but we managed to adopt our technology to make it work.”

About P&A International
P&A International is a China-based company formed by partners with engineering backgrounds in 2008. The company provides machine shop services with the focus on sheet metal work, stamped metal parts, aluminium extrusions, custom metal fabrication and CNC machining. As a small player on the market, the company works hard to establish themselves by providing their clients with personalised service, often going outside of their scope to support them. For more information, please visit http://www.pa-international.com/