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PA Legal Documents Offers an Alternative to High Legal Fees

Citizens of Pennsylvania find they can save money by preparing legal forms at home


Johnstown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- Attorneys in Pennsylvania charge, on average, anywhere from $345 to $361 an hour, according to The United States Consumer Law Attorney Fee Survey Report 2010-2011. Smaller firms tend to charge slightly more for legal services, although rates vary based on many factors, such as years of experience and services provided. When one needs legal residential agreements in PA or living will documents service in PA, many now turn to PA Legal Documents to save money on legal advice.

"PA Legal Documents provides citizens of the state with an alternative to high legal fees. With the use of this site, consumers find they have the ability to obtain and prepare legal forms without the need to pay for an attorney. The site caters to only those residents of the state and is the only online legal forms site to do so specifically for Pennsylvanians," the staff at PA Legal Documents explains.

Landlords prefer to turn to the site for assistance with residential lease preparation. The lease details the terms and conditions agreed upon between a tenant and landlord and provides a legally binding contract, one which holds up in a court of law. The lease provides the landlord with a means of enforcement in the event a dispute arises between the two parties.

"Following the recent economic crisis, many landlords found they weren't receiving rent in a timely manner, if they received it at all. Those without a legally binding lease discovered the courts take time to process eviction requests, and this often led to financial difficulties for the landlords. PA Legal Documents offers a solution to this issue, providing a lease agreement that will hold up in court and speed the eviction process," the staff continues.

In addition to residential lease agreements, PA Legal Documents also provides access to living will documents and durable power of attorney forms. All are specific to the state of Pennsylvania, and each document created using the site undergoes a review process. The client requests the document and prepares it before sending it in for review. Once received by the site managers, a practicing attorney goes over the document, ensuing it will hold up in a court of law.

"One should never pay more than he or she has to in order to obtain legal advice. Furthermore, one should never proceed without the proper legal forms, whether it be a residential lease or living will. The legal system is very complex and navigating the system takes time and money, two things many find they have very little of, and this is why more and more are turning to Pennsylvania Legal Documents for help. It's an easy way to obtain legal documents at a fraction of the cost of an attorney visit,' the staff declares.

About PA Legal Documents
PA Legal Documents serves as the only online legal site dedicated to providing forms specifically to residents of the state of Pennsylvania. Established by actively practicing licensed Pennsylvania attorneys who bring more than 145 years of combined experience to the endeavor, the site strives to be user friendly while offsetting time consuming and costly generalities many associate with the current legal system. With the help of the site, legal documents become convenient, accessible, affordable and timely, and all documents undergo review by a practicing attorney.