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The latest polls conducted by Gravis Marketing confirms that Romney and Obama are currently locked in a dead heat: PA Senate Casey Polls close race in the polls


Winter Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2012 -- The latest poll conducted by Gravis Marketing confirms that Romney and Obama are currently locked in a dead heat: the poll completed on August 7th, 2012 gives Obama a slight 2% lead. The polls also highlighted beliefs that candidate Mitt Romney should release his tax returns. The survey was conducted with 499 respondents.

The survey also illustrates a shift from the presidential race to the Pennsylvania Senate race. Although Obama garnered 44.8% of the support in the presidential poll, Republican challenger Tom Smith received 46.76% support in the Senate race. The shift is due to young and middle age women, where this difference is much larger than the difference for middle age men. Women increased their support from 54% Republican to 79% Republican from the presidential to the Senate race. This poll emphasizes the importance for politicians to obtain and retain the support from women this election.

The Polling shows a close race for President and Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey with a decent lead, however the Senate and Presidential race will be very close. Woman and older voters will play a key part in the PA election. There are still a few uncertainties Will the pick of Congressman Ryan help or hurt Romney with older voters and woman in PA? If Obama loses PA, is it possible for Casey to still win PA?

Gravis Marketing conducted this poll by telephone with random voters in Pennsylvania. Gravis is a political polling firm located in Winter Springs Florida. This poll was conducted with Capital Correspondents. Gravis Marketing in a non-partisan polling firm, conducting a series of battleground polls.

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