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PA Vascular Institute Scheduling Consultations for Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease Throughout Winter 2018


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2018 -- At the PA Vascular Institute, their staff and doctors strive to bring the highest quality care and state-of-the-art treatments to all patients in need. Dedicated to their patients' health and quality of life, the physicians at the medical center handle a range of medical conditions and diseases. Regularly diagnosing and treating these maladies with the most advanced equipment and innovative techniques, the PA Vascular Institute has earned its reputation as one of most respected vascular centers in the area. Throughout the winter of 2018, the center is scheduling consultations with patients suffering from peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

A medical condition affecting the circulatory system, peripheral arterial disease devastates millions of people in the United States today. Although the condition can affect the entire body of a patient, PAD typically manifests in the blood vessels of the legs, ankles, and feet of patients. At the PA Vascular Institute in Philadelphia, their treatments for peripheral artery disease focus on the legs—restoring blood flow in arteries blocked by buildups of plaque.

Symptoms of PAD can be mild or negligible but often include leg pain while walking, resting or exercising, changes in pulse, sudden temperature shifts, and sores, ulcers or wounds that heal more slowly than normal. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, the doctors at the medical center in Philadelphia conduct minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of peripheral artery disease.

Patients suffering from the disease may seek diagnosis and treatment at their medical centers located in Philadelphia, King of Prussia, and the Lehigh Valley. To schedule a free consultation, patients should call the PA Vascular Institute at 800-614-7294.

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Pennsylvania Vascular Institute strives to bring patients only the best healthcare services in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. With four convenient locations in Philadelphia, King of Prussia, and the Lehigh Valley, PA Vascular Institute treats those suffering from circulatory issues including peripheral arterial disease, fibroid disease, and offers various procedures for spider veins, back pain, and cancer care.

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