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Pablo Curiel Announces Involvement in Massive Solar Projects


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2017 -- Pablo Curiel, best known for his involvement of wide scale sustainable development projects and alternative energy, recently organized a press meet to discuss his interest in solar energy investments. Attended by many new startups and known investors, the event was a huge success. Curiel was also delighted to answer some of the queries and questions of the press.

Pablo Curiel has always taken deep interest in alternate energy and has been a key force behind some massive solar projects. He often talks about the prospects of sustainable development in his interviews, and it wasn't much of a surprise for his clients, patrons and investors that he would want to expand the horizons. After structuring and securing financing some major projects, he has recently announced his interest in similar avenues in other parts of the world. The event was a huge success in many ways, given the presence of many investors.

Pablo Curiel started by discussing his interest in solar projects. He discussed his interest in detail, along with his achievements in a humble way. He also thanked his managers for pushing him hard and expressed his desire to bring extensive solar power in the commercial real estate market. He also answered many queries related to the overall success and prospects of alternate energy, where he also shared his experience of working as a BPI certified Energy Management Auditor. He added that the world needs to explore other options, and the options with solar and other forms of renewable energies are huge.

Pablo Curiel also added that he would like to work with charities in his capacity as he has been, and he is interested in art and education in a big way. On being asked about his upcoming projects, he added that the team is willing to explore more in days to come, but refused to shell new information. He added that major announced are likely in days to come.

About Pablo Curiel
Pablo Curiel and his involvement with sustainable development projects are long known. He holds a Solar Executive MBA from Heat Spring along with other specialized, professional degrees. He has worked with massive projects and has immense understanding of solar energy and its application in the real world. Pablo is also extremely popular for his work as a philanthropist. He regularly works with leading institutions and NGOs for a wide number of causes close to his heart.

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