Pacific Beach Dentist Offers 24 Hour Emergency Dental Services


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- San Diego Pacific Beach Dentist says that dental emergencies should be attended to without delays. Postponing treatment can cause unnecessary pain and additional dental problems that can be avoided by seeing your emergency dentist immediately.

Oral injuries and toothaches can be very painful and may require you to go to an emergency dentist who can see you at short notice.

Dental emergencies can include toothaches, broken teeth, knocked out teeth and teeth that were forced out of their socket.

If you have some type of accident, you may be cuts and abrasions on the cheeks, lips and gums where the teeth were forced out from the socket. If you have a medical emergency, you should go to the emergency room.

If you have a knocked out tooth, find the tooth that was forcibly knocked out, clean it by gentle scrubbing it and removing any debris or dirt. If your dentist can see you soon, he may be able to get the tooth back in place.

If the tooth has come out of its place, you can try to reposition it on its socket. But you should do this gently since you can damage your tooth or socket if you’re using force. Try to softly wiggle the tooth in place.

Fractured teeth are a dental emergency that requires you to go to a dentist immediately. It’s essential to see your dentist as soon as possible when you have a fractured tooth regardless of how small the fracture is. Even minor fractures still need immediate dental attention. Composite fillings may be used to fix the teeth temporarily but you should get a more permanent treatment soon.

Moderate fractures are more serious and usually mean that there is damage to the pulp, dentin or enamel. You don’t have to worry about this but it can be very painful and you should go see your dentist with delay. If the pulp has not been damaged, the dentist may still be able to restore the functionality and original shape of the tooth or you may need a root canal or other surgery to restore the tooth.

If you have ongoing tooth pain or discomfort such as a throbbing toothache, you should visit your dentist sooner rather than later. Your pain may go away for a little while but it will come back. And the longer you wait, the more damage you can get to your teeth. Visit your dentist immediately before it becomes a real dental emergency. The pain and discomfort and possible damage can only get worse if you ignore it and it will end up costing your more.

Call your regular dentist or emergency dentist immediately if have any type of dental emergency. It’s important to give your dental problems immediate attention so that the dentist can solve the problem, stop the pain and fix your tooth.

Seeing your dentist immediately in case of an emergency can avoid unnecessary pain and prevent additional problems that can be avoided.

If you have a dental emergency, you should be able to find an emergency dentist easily. Since dental emergencies can happen anytime, so it’s important to have a phone number handy of an emergency dentist who is available on short notice. Keep this information in your address book and list it with your emergency numbers. Since toothache can be intolerable, you’ll want to fix the problem immediately.

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